Low lake levels has East Texas on high alert

Low lake levels has East Texas on high alert

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - The brutal drought and heat wave gripping the country is taking its toll on lakes throughout East Texas.

"[Lake levels] have dropped considerably, especially in the last month--month and a half," said Texas Game Warden David Pellizzari.

Officials said Lake-O-the Pines is down nearly three feet from normal levels; Lake Gilmer is down a foot-and-a-half; Lake Gladewater is down nearly two feet.

"There's sandbars and stumps that weren't there a couple of weeks ago," said Pellizzari.  "Every stump that you see out here, there's probably five or 10 more that you don't see a foot deep."

There's also more oxygen-choking hydrilla in the warm water, along with bacteria which could make some lake-goers ill.

"We need a lot of rain and its not going to be an overnight fix," said Pellizzari.

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