"F"-word church sign sparks debate

"F"-word church sign sparks debate

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Pastor Mike Davis said the sign outside of his church has been up for a couple of weeks--long enough for the phone calls to come flooding in.

"I have a hard time seeing it, but I can see where somebody could misunderstand," said Davis. "If that bothers them, then this, is not the church for them."

Davis said the "F"-word firestorm started when someone drove by, snapped a photo of the church sign and posted it on Facebook wall. User comments were mixed on the subject

Pastor mike called his sign, "thinking outside of the box." The sign invites everyone to Sunday service for a sermon on "overcoming the F$&! word".

Davis said the "F$&!" word is, "fear."

"I'm trying to reach the people that are here, that are having real struggles," he said. "We've got all the economic news; fear is a predominant feeling in our society, today."

Davis said God gave him the message, and he plans on delivering the third sermon, Sunday.

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