East Texas woman attacked by four Pit Bulls

East Texas woman attacked by four Pit Bulls

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Patsy Mumphrey has walked up and down this street for 20 years. Tuesday's walk didn't seem any different...until four Pit Bulls charged at her.

Trying to escape, Patsy fell. That's when the dogs began to attack her.

As she was lying in the street with the dogs biting her, two men in a truck came to her aid.  They fought off three of the dogs but the fourth wouldn't let Patsy go. It bit her in the head, tearing off a piece of her scalp.

When the dog finally turned her loose, Patsy was rushed to ETMC where she had surgery on her head.

She is staying with family while she recovers but fears one of the dogs may have had rabies.

All four dogs have been put down and the rabies tests are pending. Smith County cited the owner of the dogs for not keeping up with the dogs' vaccinations  and for letting the animals roam loose.

The incident is under investigation and it is unknown whether charges will be filed against the owner.

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