Bored with Planking? Try Owling!

Bored with Planking? Try Owling!

By Jamey  Boyum

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Fads come and go, and planking is a fad that some say is now going against the grain. The new fad taking flight? That would be owling. It's right at the same difficulty level as planking, but with a much more wise look. So we went to the obvious place to find some owlers: The Caldwell Zoo.

Many have said it: Planking is so last week. This week it's Owling, and once again, it's all for a goofy picture on the web. The Caldwell Zoo seems like a hip place, and they probably have some real owlers inside.

"Have you guys ever heard of owling?" I asked some visitors.

"Owling?" They asked back.

Their little girl looked like she had it down, but she didn't want to perch.

"You guys ever heard of owling?" I asked someone else.

"Yes, we have." She answered.

"You have? Where?"

"I've seen it on the internet."

So, right there in front of the professionals, we had a newbie owler. Suddenly everyone wanted in on the act. Most of them were good at it right away, but one was sort of..vulturing.

"Wow. That looks more like a zombie." I said

Owling is not just for fun, it's educational too.

"Did you know that, Hunter? All owls are hunters," I said.

"Oooo," He replied.

Some of the owling was so good; the professionals just flew the coop.

Just like the planking, we really want to see how you owl. But we want safe owling. Keep it close to the ground. So, send us your pictures.

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