Better East Texas: Broadcast Spectrum Auction

Better East Texas: Broadcast Spectrum Auction

By Pat Stacey

In the effort to address our national debt by either cutting expenses or raising revenue, Congress and the President are leaving no stone unturned.  In fact, legislation is under consideration that could affect everyone who enjoys local television.

Some in Congress are seeking to reallocate some TV channels – through a process known as spectrum incentive auctions – essentially paving the way for a portion of local broadcast airwaves to be auctioned off with the revenue going to reduce debt.

But there, of course is a catch.  This action could impact your ability to receive the local news, weather, public safety information and the high-quality programs you value.

We want to ensure that this action does not rob TV viewers like you of the valuable services local stations provide. We also want to ensure it does not hinder innovations taking place in TV – like free, local TV on your handheld or new HD programming.

This threat to local TV is real and the only way to prevent it or at least make sure that it preserves the free over the air services now and in the future, is to contact your congressman today.

We have set up an educational link where you can get more information as well as a link to contacting our congressman, Louie Gohmert, on this issue.

Preserving a valuable entertainment and information service is on the line and keeping free TV will make for a better East Texas.