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11/05/03 - Tyler

Book Giving Purpose To Thousands Of East Texans

You may find this hard to believe but more than a million people are reading the exact same book at the same time. Internationally about 5,000 churches, from many different denominations, are studying a book called, "The Purpose Driven Life".

The first sentence in the book reads, "It's not about you." According to author Rick Warren, God created each of us to fulfill His purpose not our own.

Donna Miller with the Scroll bookstore in Tyler says the message is striking a chord. She says the books are flying off the shelves. "Whether somebody is a Christian or not it's going across the board, they're saying, 'what am I here for," says Donna.

Around the world 5,000 churches committed to read the book. Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Tyler is one of them. "It's put together so that a person can go through it one day at a time. One chapter per day. It's like a devotional. A time just to spend in quietness and let God speak to your heart," says Pastor Robert Carter.

But what makes this study different is that at the same time you're reading the book your entire church is too. Pastor Robert Carter says half-way through members are already saying it's changing their lives, "That type of thing we've heard time and time again. They say that this book has changed their lives. I have a new perspective. Life is beginning to make sense."

Donna isn't just selling the book she's also reading it. She says it's giving her a new perspective. "We are not intended to walk in this life alone and it encourages that we need each other," says Donna.

Several other east Texas churches are participating the 'Purpose Driven Life' study including First Baptist Church in Tyler and Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview. The book is designed to be studied every day for forty days.

It's currently number two on the New York Times best seller list.

Amy Tatum reporting.

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