Funeral services held for abused toddler

Funeral services held for abused toddler

WILLS POINT, TX (KLTV) - Family and friends of Brandon Herrera filled Hiett's Lybrand Funeral Home Thursday, to say good-bye to a little boy who met a tragic end over the weekend.

Several of the vehicles in the parking lot had the toddler's name written in paint, hopefully offering a way to remember the little boy as he was.

Not as he's portrayed in the search warrant obtained from the Hunt County Sheriff's Office.

Inside, disturbing details of Brandon's condition when emergency responders found him.

He had wounds and bruises all over his body, from the back of his head and ears, to his mouth, to his legs and buttocks.

One wound was described as a "black-colored" somewhat square shaped pattern on the boy's chest.

Arturo Vega and Gabriella Ortiz reportedly admitted that some of Brandon's injuries are their fault.

Vega told police that he put Brandon in "time out" on Saturday night, July 16, then "lost it." He told police that's when he hit Brandon with a belt at least ten times, after which the boy just laid there.

As for Ortiz, she told authorities that the bruising on Brandon's face was her fault.

When she realized he wasn't breathing early Sunday, she grabbed his face, and shook his head to try and wake him up.

The report also details some of the items found in Vega and Ortiz's home.

In addition to the toddler's prosthetic right leg, deputies found a towel and a T-shirt with possible bloodstains on them. And in a search for items that may have caused some of the Brandon's injuries, authorities recovered two wooden sticks, a candle, and an electric sander.

But for those at the funeral, the injuries are secondary. No matter how, they've lost a happy little boy, much too soon.

To read Brandon Hererra's autopsy report, click here.

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