Man arrested shortly after being released from jail

Man arrested shortly after being released from jail

MOUNT PLEASANT, TX (KLTV) - It was a tense 24 hour search in one East Texas town for a suspect wanted in several aggravated burglaries.

Juan Luis Obeso, 31, had already been charged with two felony aggravated burglary incidents in Mount Pleasant.

It didn't take long for Obeso to catch the attention of police after he was released from jail.

Obeso was originally arrested July 17th for two aggravated burglaries in Mount Pleasant neighborhoods.

Obeso bonded out on the 20th and wasted no time in getting police attention.

"Mister Obeso within an hour of his release broke into a residence and attempted a sexual assault of a female subject," Detective Scott Wildey said.

Police then put out an urgent plea to the public to help them find Obeso, because they then considered him to be armed and very dangerous.

An alert citizen spotted Obeso, and he was arrested at a  home in the 800 block of 4th street, just a few blocks way from the home he had broken into.

"Within hours of the press release, and his picture being shown in the newspaper a tip came in to the Mount Pleasant Police department," Wildey explained, "without the help of the citizens this subject would not have been apprehended the way he was."

Obeso is currently being held in the Titus county jail without bond.

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