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Woman, 72, sues after man pushes her in pool

Betty Haley (Source: Larry Wilder) Betty Haley (Source: Larry Wilder)
Larry Wilder Larry Wilder
Surveillance image of Betty Haley being pushed into pool (Source: Larry Wilder) Surveillance image of Betty Haley being pushed into pool (Source: Larry Wilder)
The Harbours Condominiums The Harbours Condominiums
Picture of Betty Haley with horns drawn on (Source: Larry Wilder) Picture of Betty Haley with horns drawn on (Source: Larry Wilder)

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - After accusations of harassment and violence from people inside her own building, a Jeffersonville woman is suing her homeowners association. Surveillance video shows a man shoved a 72-year-old woman into a pool, but this elderly woman is also facing criminal charges for an altercation with another staffer.

The Harbours Condominiums are luxury condos with a great view of Louisville.

"I have problems with adult men taking their frustrations out on elderly women," said attorney Larry Wilder.

Wilder says in January, his client, 72-year-old Betty Haley, was banned from the pool for excessive splashing. Wilder said she was just trying to clean off dirt. He admits Haley kept swimming at the pool, when something last month happened that prompted a lawsuit.

"You can see that he now is standing over her with his cell phone apparently filming her and taking pictures," said Wilder describing the video. "Ms. Haley is trying to exit the pool, he's standing in the doorway. She tried to get around him and that's what happens to her. He shoved this 72-year-old lady on her back, into a pool as a result of her chest bumping him."

Wilder says the man in the surveillance video was a maintenance worker who was upset over an open door at the pool. Court documents show the worker, Reid Blasi, has been warned before for aggressive behavior. There is also a Jeffersonville police report from May where police responded after he allegedly called a tenant names.

Wilder is going after the homeowners association for keeping Blasi employed. He also wants answers about fliers posted at the condos of Haley with horns.

"Betty Haley was wanted dead or alive, then in parentheses dead preferred," said Wilder reading the flier.

According to Wilder, the Harbors Condominiums told him they checked surveillance video, but didn't find who posted the fliers.

Don Farnsley, a member of the homeowners association board, says it is a "great building" with a "great staff." But Farnsley said can't comment on the lawsuit because he hasn't seen it yet.

Haley is also facing a battery charge involving a staff member. According to the police report, she swatted things and tried to pull the property manager out of the office.

"The original charge against her was a result of her repelling someone who was being aggressive towards her," said Wilder. "She's 72 years old. Until she moved to this condominium with her husband nine years ago, she never had a problem in her lifetime."

Police reports show that officers have responded to several calls at the Harbours over the past few years for complaints of loud music, trespassing, and parking issues. There are also pending court cases for a homeowner accused of stealing papers under someone's door and another for a man vandalizing cars.

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