Random drug tests starting at HISD

Random drug tests starting at HISD

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - Henderson ISD Superintendent Keith Boles says he wants a drug free campus.

"Our mission, per say, is to help those kids, and hopefully come back and say , you know we had 20 kids that tested positive, but not a single one tested positive after that first test," says Keith Boles, the Henderson ISD Superintendent.

Starting this year, HISD will perform a random drug test every month on sixty students involved in extra curricular activities and students parking on campus.

"The first time a student tests positive they get a warning.  The second offense leads to a thirty day suspension in their school activity, strike three and your out for a full year.

"I think it's positive that they do drug testing, keep all the negative stuff away," says former HISD student, Olivia Amy.

After finding seventeen different cases of students in possession of drugs last year, Boles said it was time to step in.

"The kids are really going to have to work and stay away from it, or else those repercussions start adding up," says Boles.

Amy says, "I think that will help especially for the people who do drugs and they want to keep doing sports, they'll either quit doing drugs or they'll get out of the sport and just leave a cleaner athletic program."

The Superintendent says each drug test costs about twelve dollars, estimating the annual cost to be around ten thousand dollars.

He says if it helps keep the campus drug free, its worth it.

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