Eaglets leave 'Eagle Cam' nest

Eaglets leave 'Eagle Cam' nest

DECORAH, IA (KLTV) - For months, the eaglets captivated East Texas and the nation.

You were there from the beginning watching the eagle cam, a camera trained on a bald eagle's nest way up in Iowa.

Then, one by one, those baby-eagle eggs hatched.

Those eaglets are all grown up and ready to leave the nest.

East Texans couldn't get enough of those baby bald eagles---logging on, just about daily to see how mom, dad, and the new additions were doing.

The Raptor Resource Project set up the camera on a nest in Decorah, Iowa at a fish hatchery.

Yvonne Stainback with the Caldwell Zoo was one of millions to watch.

"Our eagles are both males, so we don't do any breeding here, so for me, it's neat to be able to see the little babies grow up," explained Stainback.

Biologists and workers with the RRP posted a video of them safely trapping one of the female eaglets on YouTube.

The eagle was later banded and outfitted with a transmitter so researchers could keep tabs on where she migrates, where she ends up, and if she survives.

Stainback says it's not uncommon for young eagles to fledge---or leave the nest, only to return to the same area they grew up in.

The Raptor Resource Project doesn't know if transmitters will be placed on the other eaglets. But they'll definitely follow this one as long as they can.

The eagle cam has been disabled, for now, but the Raptor Resource Project hopes to bring it back on line when eagles return to the nest to start the hatching all over again.

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