Better East Texas: Debt Ceiling

By Pat Stacey

The stalemate between the President and Congress on the debt ceiling has gone far enough.  Each side has slowly placed a few sacred items on the table including Social Security and tax breaks for the highest earners.  But this showdown is now more about egos and saving face than it is about addressing the critical need for a responsible fiscal plan for our country.

We continue to hear threats on what might happen if an agreement is not reached.  Stop the ballyhooing along with the threat tactics.  It is long overdue that these discussions be done in private without the specter of pressure from special interests driving the conversation.  Yes we need cuts in spending and yes this will affect government services and yes they will hurt most everyone so that is the reality now go ahead and make it happen – both sides.

We cannot move our country forward with a bunch of "leaders" that are more worried about poll numbers and reelection than the ultimate good of our country and for that matter the world.  We the people need to immediately put the pressure on our representatives to act.  A speedy agreement is needed now, it will strengthen America and make for a Better East Texas.