Better East Texas: Double D's Restaurant

By Pat Stacey

We have a week long conversation of comments on  on the subject of a story we aired on the new restaurant going into the location formerly occupied by El Chico's.

Now, even though there are a load of Tex-Mex restaurants, I will miss an occasional trip to El Chico.  But the new restaurant going in is called Double D's and judging by the uniforms of the waitresses and the suggestive menu, this is a genre of restaurant that Tyler has never seen.

Many people want the Mayor or City Council to step in and stop the remodeling of the property as it is readied for Double D's.  But it appears the restaurant operator –which – incidentally is the same operator as El Chico's, has followed all the rules and regulations in preparing to open the restaurant.   S

o there is probably nothing the City of Tyler can do.  And if you stop and think about it, do we really want our local governments stepping in on something like this?  This is a classic example of the free market at work.

It is not cheap to operate a restaurant and if there is not good business at this place then it probably won't last either.  But if business is good, then they will survive, but let the collective will of the market make that decision.  I won't be going there but I, ultimately, support your right to go.

Putting the decision in the hands of the consumer is the right thing to do and it will make for a Better East Texas.