Radioactive camera stolen from truck of company with Longview ties

Radioactive camera stolen from truck of company with Longview ties

AUSTIN, TX (KLTV) - Authorities in the Austin area is looking for a device containing a potentially dangerous radioactive material that was stolen early this morning from a vehicle parked outside the Red Roof Inn Hotel in Austin.

The truck is owned by Acuren Inspection, Inc., which has a Regional Head Office in Longview. According to Acuren's website, they adopted the name Acuren in 2005 as part of a consolidation of four companies, one of which was Longview Inspection. Acuren's offices are in the 400 block of Eastman Road.

The radiography camera, used to X-ray pipelines, contains a small radioactive capsule encased in a yellow colored protective shielding. The device is marked with radiation hazard symbols. A person handling the camera could be at risk of radiation exposure if the shielding is damaged or if the capsule is exposed. The camera weighs approximately 50 pounds and is about the size of a shoebox. It is used as a nondestructive way of testing and inspecting pipelines.

The theft occurred at the Red Roof Inn Hotel at 4701 South Interstate 35, Austin.

DSHS officials said that anyone finding the device should not approach it. Anyone who has information about the camera should call the local police or sheriff's department or DSHS at (512) 458-7460.

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