Fire chief fights fire at neighbor's home with a water hose

Fire chief fights fire at neighbor's home with a water hose

HARLETON, TX (KLTV) - There are parts of East Texas where your closest neighbor isn't really all that close. Luckily, that's not the case here.

"Chief Harper lives just a short distance through the pasture here, and he had come out on his back porch, and just happened to look this way, and then he saw the smoke coming from his neighbor's house," said Harleton Fire Department Chaplain Mike Brittain.

Harleton Fire Chief Mike Harper quickly got over to the house, and started fighting the fire, with the only thing he could: a water hose.

"Whenever I drove up, he had on his safety gear like he was supposed to," Brittain said. "He was in dress, and responded as a professional fireman would have."

Brittain says Chief Harper still called for help fighting the fire, and the rest of the department arrived to get it put out. Still, Harper saved a lot of the family's belongings.

"If he hadn't been fighting it with the water hose, as limited as that was, probably this structure wouldn't be here today," Brittain said.

And Chief Harper is not done helping this family.

"They are staying in a motor home that Chief Harper also had, and he's loaned it to them to stay for this period," Brittain said.

Making him a good Samaritan, all over again.

The family did lose most of their clothes, but were able to salvage things like their photo albums. Due to the fire, smoke and water damage, the home itself is likely a total loss.

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