Billboard boy reveals how he'll help the ladies

Billboard boy reveals how he'll help the ladies

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Just a few days ago we introduced you to the mysterious man making his way around East Texas.

He "Luvs to help the ladies." And now, his secret is out.

KLTV 7's Layron Livingston found out who he is and how he plans to help all those ladies, out there.

It's the face that launched a thousand... questions.

Carla Tull works at "Right Way Disposal" --- just a few yards from one of the billboards.

Carla thought he was "creepy" last week. Today, she thinks he's "still creepy."

"In our business, is the best type of design, works and the things that get people's minds wondering," says Dan Noyes, Vice President and General Manager with Lamar Outdoor Advertising.

The company finally revealed the identity of our "billboard-buddy."

Meet "Coupon Carter. He's probably one of the most talked-about teaser campaigns Noyes says he done.

Noyes says emails and phone calls poured in...

"We don't see it too often, but when we do, that's the type of response someone tries to elicit," says Noyes, ""It definitely got attention."

"Carter" is the face behind a coupon website.

Users log on for free to

There, they have access to money-saving coupons for a number of different products.

All of the old billboards with Carter's face, got a facelift, Tuesday morning, with the addition of the website.

Carla's still not sold, "Didn't change anything... I just quit looking at [him] because, like I said, it's creepy."

The billboard company tells us that Coupon Carter's face will stay up on those billboards for a few more days, then he'll come down.

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