Neighbors react to Whitehouse family disturbance

Neighbors react to Whitehouse family disturbance

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - Shaun Mark Lawler, 32,  turned himself in at the Smith County Jail on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, and family violence.

According to police, around nine on Monday morning, Jessica Wimpee decided to officially break up with her boyfriend, Shaun.

Wimpee went to J & M Trophies where Shaun's mother works, to drop off her engagement ring.

According to Mrs. Lawler, Jessica was on the phone with her Shaun when she arrived, saying she was leaving him and returning her engagement ring to his mother's shop.

A few minutes later, police say Shaun arrived at the store, and according to police he stabbed her numerous times and cut her throat.

Neighbors living next to the couple, say it took them by surprise.

"Very shocked, it's a very quite neighborhood, there's never anything that goes around here, that's why I like it around here, it's peaceful and quite, I've only interacted with them a few times, she sat on the porch, but just to have it happen down the road is a big shock to find out," expressed neighbor Sean Robinson.

Jessica was taken to ETMC, where we're told she underwent surgery.

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