UPDATE: Missing ETX teen girl home safe

UPDATE: Missing ETX teen girl home safe

UPDATE: Shelby Orange, 16, who was missing for eleven days is now home safe. Shelby's mother says her uncle found her at Longview Mall around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. Terri Orange says after her daughter's story aired Monday evening on KLTV, numerous tips led them to the Longview Mall.

AVINGER, TX (KLTV) - A woman has been arrested in connection to a 16-year-old girl's disappearance.

Brittany Lyles, 20, has been charged with harboring a runaway child. Cass County authorities say a witness saw Lyles pick up the missing girl, Shelby Orange, of Avinger nearly two weeks ago. No one has seen Shelby since.

While authorities say they don't believe Shelby is significant danger, the girl's parents desperately want her home safe.

For eleven days, Shelby's family has been waiting for her to come home.

"They ask everyday," said Terri Orange, Shelby's mother. "I have a six-year-old I have to look in the eye when he says, 'momma, is sissy coming home today?'"

Authorities say Shelby was last seen leaving with Lyles. Lyles was arrested last week, charged with harboring a runaway child. Police say Lyles insist she doesn't know where Shelby is.  Shelby's mother says she finds that hard to believe.

"You don't pick someone up, leave with them and not know where they're at. If nothing else, at least she knows where she dropped Shelby off at," said Orange.  

She says her daughter was banned from seeing Lyles. A few months ago, she says Shelby tried to runaway with Lyles. That time, Shelby was home within 18 hours. 
"I told her all I'm asking is for you to stay away from Shelby. That's it. Stay away from her. Don't call her. Don't talk to her. Don't text her. Don't see her. Pretend like she doesn't exist," said Orange. 

Orange says she can't be certain her daughter is safe until she's where she belongs---at home.
"I'm desperate to know she's okay, and I want whoever is helping her and wherever she's at, I want them to take a minute and step back and think if it was their child, their daughter, their sister, their mother, would they want to know she's okay? said Orange. 

A question Shelby's little brothers ask everyday. They just want their big sister home. 

"I walk in her room and it's empty," said Trystin Orange, Shelby's little brother. "I hope she comes home and I hope she's okay."

Cass County authorities say additional charges against Lyles are pending. If you have information about Shelby's disappearance, police want to talk to you.