Trane layoffs turn to Texas Workforce Solutions

Trane layoffs turn to Texas Workforce Solutions

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Monday was the first day without work for hundreds of Trane employees who were laid off Friday.

Many of them headed to Texas Workforce Solutions in hopes of finding a new job.

Today I just came in to register and become active again in the workforce hoping that they will be able to find me a job. I went on the computers hoping that I'll be able to find a job myself," said Piallana Gordon.

Gordon spent seven years working at Trane. She's been laid off every year for the last 4 and said this will be the last time.

"I can't afford it every year the way it's been going so, it's just time for something different," said Gordon.

Piallana has three sons and a daughter and said her main priority is finding a job that will support her family.

"They all range from middle school, elementary and college so I've got to be there and be able to support them as well as myself so I have to find a job that's going to allow me to do that," said Gordon.

In a series of meetings workforce solutions is trying to help Gordon and others do just that.

"The purpose of those meetings is going to be to provide information to workers who have been impacted by the layoff... information on job getting activities available at the work force center, also how to go about applying for job matching series," said Cheryl Newton at East Texas Workforce Solutions.

Newton said these layoffs are different than past Trane layoffs because there is no set call back date for employees. Newton said that will make the process for receiving unemployment insurance different.

"Failure to know that and do the right things can cause a significant delay in their income," said Newton.

Gordon said going back to school could be an option down the road but for now..

"I need to continue to be able to take care of my family so I'm going to move where the jobs are," said Gordon.

Even if that means leaving East Texas for good.

Texas Workforce Solutions is hosting 5 information sessions for people recently laid off at Trane.

They are Thursday at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., and 1:30pm and Friday at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

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