Proud of East Texas: Dawson Beeson

Proud of East Texas: Dawson Beeson

By Joan Hallmark

Most people are looking for big succulent blueberries as they wind their way through Echo Springs Blueberry Farm in Henderson County.. But Dawson Beeson is looking for something else. He's looking for blueberry limbs, strong and interesting enough to turn into blueberry canes.

Beeson's canes have become a big hit with the farm's customers. They're carried in the Blueberry Store and sold for about twenty dollars. Beeson has never heard of anyone else making anything from blueberry wood, but he tried it out and liked it. The cane's handles are actually the roots of the blueberry bushes, which add to the cane's rustic character.

Beeson calls his cane making "just piddling", but its piddling he just loves to do.

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