Easton man survives without utilities

Easton man survives without utilities

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- While the heat is uncomfortable for everyone, many of us are able to go inside to the air conditioning, but one East Texan does not have that luxury. Stanley Rosborough of Easton spends most of his time in his front yard. For the past year he's lived at his family home without running water or electricity.

"It hurts me you know because I can't provide for myself," he says.

He gets water from a neighbors faucet used for horses, heating water up in the sun to stay clean and take bathes. The intense heat forces him often to sleep outside.

"My mattress is wet, pillow is wet from perspiration, man its been rough its been so hot I had to sleep on the porch at times , it gets so hot in the house," Stanley says.

He's recovering from a shattered leg and kneecap, has no insurance, not employed, yet somehow is surviving. His friends and neighbors are doing what they can.

"I ran an extension cord from my house from my house over to his house to try to help him out at night, I try to make sure he's got water to drink, we heat his food up in a microwave , make sure he's got a hot meal," says next door neighbor David Coleman.

He needs medicine, painkillers, that he can't afford.

"Even if I had the funds to get it , I have no way of getting there," Rosborough says.

"We shouldn't turn our heads and turn our backs on people like this just get involved and do what we can," says Coleman.

He wants to take care of himself, but knows in his situation, he can do little.

"It runs a chain of thought through my mind of how can I get out of this," says Stanley.

Doctors tell mister Rosborough will heal from his injuries in around 2 months. In the mean time his neighbors are trying to help him with day to day essentials.

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