Here come the brides

Here come the brides

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Most women describe their wedding day as  the most important day of their lives.

So it's no surprise brides in East Texas were out in full force for the East Texas Wedding Extravaganza on Sunday in Tyler.

When it comes to weddings it's all about the cake, decor and of course the dress.

However, before Michelle Lopez makes it down the aisle, she needs ideas to make sure her special day is a memorable one.

"It's a once in a lifetime thing so we want to make the best we can of it and make it something to remember," said Michelle Lopez, newly engaged.

Vendors from all over East Texas, and surrounding cities, came out to the East Texas Wedding Extravaganza to make sure brides got a little taste of what's out there

"You know vintage is a feel it's a look something where you can go back and think of all those things grandmother had and you see it, and to be able to incorporate that into a wedding now is very unusual," said Deadre Arden, Pursuing Eden.

"It's customized cake toppers so a bride and groom can pick them to look like anything they want we can do pets we do them in boats and cars on bikes anything they want," said Katie Schultz, Itty Bitty Wood Shoppe.

Fiancé Clint Karenan, along with family, came with Michelle to help with the wedding plans.

And despite the wedding being less than a year away, Michelle says she's no bridezilla.

"She told me it was going to be the most disgusting dress ever I just said please no, but she has really good taste so whatever she picks out I'm sure won't be hideous," said Sylvia Krywalski, Michelle's bridesmaid.

"If we set anything and it doesn't happen I might lose my mind so going in with no expectations is probably our best approach into the situation," said Michelle.

Event coordinators say the next East Texas Wedding Extravaganza will be in January 2012.

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