Casey Anthony freed from Florida jail in middle of the night

Twelve days after Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder in the death of her two year old daughter, Caylee, she walked free from a Florida jail.  Her release this morning at 12:09, Florida time, came three years and a day after she was first arrested.

Anthony's attorney was by her side as she walked from the jail.  At least two armed officers, wearing protective vests, accompanied her amid security concerns that surrounded this case.  Anthony has been the subject of threats on her life since she was found not-guilty of her daughter's murder.

With just over five-hundred dollars from her inmate account in her pocket, she got into an SUV and was driven away.

Anthony's release in the middle of the night was videotaped by a member of the news media and documented by a still photographer, but those members of the "pool" press were sworn to secrecy about how and when it would all go down.