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11/03/03 - Tyler

Engineering Firm Creates New Jobs

One of Tyler's largest employers is growing again. Howe-Baker announced the expansion of 140 new jobs Monday. Not only is it good news for the company, but it's also good news for the rest of Tyler's economy.

Howe-Baker designs processing plants for the petroleum industry. The company's inventions are used all over the world. "Engineering construction business is a complex business," says Howe-Baker Vice President of Design Engineering, Ken Baxter. "And, we would like to think there aren't a variety of people in our area that can do that."

Business for Howe-Baker has been so good, the company is designing a new structure. This one is an office. 5 million dollars, 35 thousand square feet, and 140 new high paying engineering jobs. "High end jobs are good for the community. But, it's also good for Howe-Baker to expand our engineering capacity here at this location as opposed to our other offices."

"That's a lot of new payroll, a lot of new brain power coming into this community," remarked Tom Mullins with the Tyler Economic Development Corporation. He says the new jobs will have a big impact on all areas of the local money machine. "A lot of these people will be able to buy houses. They'll be buying furnishings and other technical things, appliances that they need for their homes. So, they're going to have a real strong multiplier impact on the local economy."

Howe Baker says it plans to fill all 140 positions by the end of next year. The impact those new positions will have on the rest of Tyler will be felt for years to come.

Stephen Parr, reporting.

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