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Citizen chases Longview purse snatcher

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- A would-be purse snatcher got more than he bargains for today in Longview , as a store employee chases him several blocks, forcing him to throw away the stolen purse. Police were called to the Family Dollar on south High street just after 3pm after store employees say a man had knocked a woman down and stolen her purse. Store employee Stephoney Stanfield saw what happened and chased the suspect several blocks down Garfield street, jumping fences and forcing the man to drop the purse. Police say the suspect disappeared near an apartment section, but praised the Stanfield for his effort.

"He didn't know I was close up on him and then when he didn't kind of look he's running he throws the purse with his left hand , picks up a stick and swings it at me and I just keep going, I have sisters and a mother and that could have been them, that could have been my momma too," Stanfield says.

The suspect is still at large. Police have not put a description out yet because of varying witness descriptions. The female victim was hospitalized, with unspecified injuries.

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