Gohmert says closure of Easton Post office is inappropriate

Gohmert says closure of Easton Post office is inappropriate

Released by the Office of Rep. Louie Gohmert:

EASTON, TX - WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Rep. Louie Gohmert released the following statement regarding the announcement by the United States Postal Service of plans to close the Easton Post Office:

"In another example of mid to upper-level mismanagement of the Postal Service, it has been announced that the Easton Post Office will be closing. As I have acknowledged, the USPS is obviously experiencing serious financial shortfalls. However, to close a location that facilitates the constitutionally permitted task of delivering mail ahead of cutting bureaucratic expenditures is the very backwards-thinking mismanagement that has led the USPS to its current status.

The closure of the Easton Post Office is inappropriate and unnecessary, and I am making that known to both the regional and national mismanagers. In addition to the inconvenience this will be on our community, especially seniors and disabled, the City of Easton may experience financial backlash given that having a postal station available locally is a vital aspect to the success of businesses and individuals.

As the USPS attempts to attain solvency, USPS officials must learn to cut bureaucratic costs first before cutting the local facilities where postal consumers are so faithful and the delivery of mail is actually advanced. Far too often, hard-working postal workers must do their jobs under unnecessarily adverse circumstances created by the atrociously ill-advised decisions by higher level Postal management. The people of East Texas deserve better - so does the rest of the country."