Sex and social media collide on Twitter after dark

Sex and social media collide on Twitter after dark

(WMC-TV) - Sex and social media made national headlines when Congressman Anthony Weiner exposed himself online.  Now, a Twitter account is attracting thousands doing the same thing.

Illicit conversations once reserved for seedy chatrooms are now on Twitter at hashtag #twitterafterdark.

"It's becoming short, sweet and to the point," said relationship counselor Eric Cassius.

Cassius said social media like #twitterafterdark can cause socialization issues, while significant others view it as infidelity.

"People are spending so much time on the computer that the relationship is suffering," said Cassius.

Perhaps typed in private, the tweet immediately hits a public forum.

"Basically, that's the brand you're letting people know who you are, whether it's perception or reality," said Thomas Whitehead with Obsidian PR.

Though Whitehead recommends social medial outlets to clients, he does so with a warning both professional and personal.

"You have to realize that whatever you're putting is out there and it's exposed for everyone to see," said Whitehead.  "Even if you delete a tweet, it's able to be pulled up.  It never goes away.  It's basically like a permanent track record of everything you put out there."

Cassius said impersonal intercourse on the internet is neither new nor old.

"It that a good thing or a bad thing?  Well, either way, it's evolution," he said.  "It's the way things are going these days.  It's not going to stop."

Many tweeters said they will stick to less racy topics.

"I don't get into stuff like that," said Twitter user Marcus Mayton.

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