Better East Texas: Van Zandt County Commissioner

By Pat Stacey

Van Zandt County Commissioner Ricky LaPrade was arrested recently for his second D-U-I in 3 months.  Commissioner LaPrade was also arrested 2 days earlier for misapplication of fudiciary property stemming from the earlier incident.  T

he Van Zandt County District Attorney has pledged to remove him from office if he is convicted of the crimes.  But my question is, how long should it take to bring this to trial?  While Commissioner LaPrade carries on with his duties as a county commissioner presumably without a license to drive, Van Zandt residents have to wait until this case comes to trial and hope that county services are carried out effectively.

The District Attorney needs to push immediately to get this case on the docket and advance it to trail.  Delaying is a disservice to residents in Van Zandt county.

I don't argue that Mr. LaPrade needs a fair trial but he needs to step down permanently or ask to take leave because Van Zandt county is responsible for his actions while on duty, and one of these arrests involved a county vehicle.  Here is a public servant that has lost his ability to serve, so he needs to go, and that will make for a Better East Texas.