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Aluma Wallet

The Aluma Wallet after being put through our crush test The Aluma Wallet after being put through our crush test

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The 'Aluma Wallet' seems to be the answer to protecting everything in your purse or wallet and keeping it organized, but does it really work? We 'Try It, Before You Buy It!'

According to the TV commercial, the wallet holds a variety of credit cards, cash and even keys. It also claims that the wallet is water resistant and indestructible. We put the wallet through several tests to see if it indeed lives up to what it promises.

The first test was to see if the 'Aluma Wallet' would hold all the stuff that's depicted in its TV commercial as well as on its packaging. We found that the 'Aluma Wallet' does hold several credit cards easily, but as far as cash, it gets tricky. You have to fold your bills in thirds in order to make them fit in the wallets accordion style makeup. And with that, it only takes a few bills and several credit cards to make the wallet almost impossible to close without breaking it!

The next test was on the wallet's claim that it's water resistant. We tested it under the tap, again as was depicted in the commercial. When the test was finished, we opened the wallet and yep, the cash was damp and there were water droplets inside the wallet. However, this may have been caused by us trying to fit as many cards and cash as possible into the wallet.

And what about the claim that the 'Aluma Wallet' is indestructible? We perform the exact same test you see in the product's TV commercial. We run over the wallet with a four-wheel drive truck!

Our test wasn't brutal, we just placed the wallet on the pavement directly in front of the back wheel, and gently rolled over it. Twice. The 'Aluma Wallet' came out of the test looking as if it had been smashed with a sledge hammer! It was bent in several spots but with a little pressure on its clasp, was still able to open and close.

So, after all the tests, the wallet doesn't appear to live up to most of what it promises. But, appears to work fine if you only have a few credit cards and dollar bills to carry around and don't run over it with a vehicle or drop it in water!

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