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Roaches crawl, flies, buzz, and managers miss out

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The roaches were found under a beverage cabinet at Juanita's Restaurant on Main Street in Lindale. Flies were buzzing around a prep area, there. Inspectors reported one of the hand-sinks was not working. Gravy and cheese was out of temperature, and raw foods were improperly stored above ready-to-eat food. The inspector also took off points because there was no certified food manager on duty. Total demerits: 40

Farmers Cafe on Duval Street in Troup was also inspected. Inspectors found several foods that were not being kept at the proper temperature. Other foods were missing date marks. There were no towels at the front hand-sink. No certified food manager was on-site at the time of the inspection.  Total demerits: 22

Inspectors also paid a visit to the Donut Palace on Duval in Troup. Flies were found throughout the food prep area. Several utensils and a cappuccino machine needed to be thoroughly cleaned. There were no towels at the hand-sink. It all yielded 16 demerits.

Several foods were out of temperature at The Back Porch in Winona. Apparently, the restaurant's food manager wasn't registered with the local health department. Total demerits: 16

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