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"In God We Trust" motto in Smith County Court Annex

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's motto we already see on our dollar bills, and soon we'll be seeing it at the Smith County Court Annex.

Rosalie Howerton says it all started last year when she heard about a woman who was protesting in California.

"She was talking about that she had heard on a newscast that people somewhere where protesting in god we trust in their city council chambers," said Rosalie Howerton, started the "In God We Trust" campaign in East Texas.

That woman in California fought in favor of God and won. That's when Howerton thought maybe she could do the same in Smith County.

"I went wow we could do that here because I'm tired of people saying this isn't a Christian country and it is a Christian country, our founding fathers started it as a Christian country," said Howerton.

Howerton approached County Commissioner Cary Nix about her idea.

"I thought it would be good for this area, being that my faith is very important to me along with the other commissioners and judge I thought it would be a great idea and put it on the ballot," said Cary Nix, Smith County Commissioner, Precinct 2.

The county commissioners approved the measure earlier this month.

"This is just one little way that can hopefully get people to realize that they need to come back to God," said Howerton.

The location of the motto is still under review, but will be placed on a wall, bench, doorway or possibly in the lobby.

The placement of "In God We Trust" plaques will be paid for by Rosalie Howerton's private organization, not with taxpayer dollars.

Smith County Officials say it will be a few weeks before the court reviews samples and votes on the style and location of the motto.


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