Electric Reliability Council puts East Texas on 'Power Watch' to avoid outages

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has placed East Texas and the rest of the state on a "Power Watch." Oncor says this is the first step to conserve power so that outages can be avoided.

Oncor is asking customers to reduce their electrical consumption between 3pm and 6pm today. The effort aims to keep generators across the state from overloading.

If an overload occurs, ERCOT will order mandatory rolling blackouts.  The event would be similar to what East Texans experienced back in February.

"Turn up your air conditioner a degree or two. That save a tremendous amount. Air conditioning is usually the biggest user in the home," said Charles Hill of Oncor.

Hill also suggests conserving  hot water and avoid using high-consumption appliances like the oven.  He also says turning off appliances that are not in use will help conserve energy.

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