Billboard boy 'luvs' to help the ladies

Billboard boy 'luvs' to help the ladies

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - He "luvs" to help the ladies... or so he claims. There's a guy popping up in places across East Texas and he's got a lot of people talking.

No one knows who, or where this guy came from... all we know is that he, apparently, "luvs" to help the ladies literally.

We contacted Lamar, the billboard company.

Lamar didn't want to tell us too much, because the signs are part of a teaser campaign. All in an effort to get people's attention for the big reveal that will come later.

We're told in a few days, folks will be pleasantly surprised, though.

Some still aren't so sure this guy's face can be trusted.

The billboard company tells us a client came up with the concept and paid for the ad space.

The signs are also in the Longview area.

We're told East Texans can expect to know how that guy plans to "help the ladies" in about two weeks.

We can tell you, he might actually help save you some money.

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