UM Army helps elderly and disabled

UM Army helps elderly and disabled

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The heat may be oppressive, but that's not stopping a young, helpful group of 90 from lending a helping hand in Lindale and Tyler.

The United Methodist Army has spent all week doing home repairs for the elderly and disabled, who do not have the means to do it themselves.

A summer week, full of sweat, labor, and love with only one week and  26 homes to fix up the teens from the United Methodist Army camp aren't wasting any time. With happy hearts, and serving hands, they all came together.

Many said that it is a humbling experience to go out and just give everything that you have to help people that you don't even know.

The United Methodist Army understands that it can be expensive to get an actual professional to fix up their house, and knowing that most people can't afford it they want to lend a helping hand.

The youth have fixed up 26 different homes here in the East Texas area in just five days. They do all the repairs at no cost to the homeowners.

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