ERCOT asking Texans to conserve energy

ERCOT asking Texans to conserve energy

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Unfortunately, not all of us will get the cooling rains. So, to conserve power, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas wants you to scale back on how much electricity you use.

We are all cranking our air conditioners and using a lot of power to try and beat this summer heat.

What most of us do not know however if we do not scale back we could be looking at another series of rolling blackouts and loose all power like we did back in February.

ERCOT wants you cut back on your "electricity use" between 3 in the afternoon and 7 in the evening.

There is a meter at Oncor that measures the generator's cycles per second for the entire state of Texas, and a reading 60 or above means we have enough juice to meet demand. When it falls below we don't.

Charles Hill says its vital East Texas residents try to keep energy down today or face the heat without any air conditioning.

"The Reliability Council of Texas issued a conservation watch. Basically asking all of the utilities in the state, to ask our customers to conserve energy as much as possible because we have a potential short supply situation. Essentially like we had back in the Winter," Charles Hill said.

Hill also said another way to reduce energy intake is by turning the air conditioning up just a few degrees, not using high consumption appliances like the oven or the washing machine, and of course, turn off any appliances you're not using.

We have many more ways you can do your part to help conserve energy.  We've posted some ideas you might not have thought of.

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