Gun Used in Longview Arson

Fire investigators say it was a well planned out case of arson at a cleaning business on Saturday. Just after 7 Saturday night, fire crews were called to an industrial cleaning business on Cotton street where a diesel tanker was burning out of control.

It caused over 100-thousand dollars in damage, and fire crews say it is a clear case of arson. "We looked over the scene and found that there were 3 different points of origin" says Longview fire investigator Jimmy Purcell. But it was quickly found that this was no ordinary arson.

"What investigators are particularly interested in now is this point right here its a bullet hole, and they've found at least 5 of them on the property" Purcell said. A pump trailer and another tanker were hit with a high caliber rifle, used to puncture gas tanks, and fire marshals say whoever did it used another incendiary to light the blaze.

"The suspect knew what he was doing did this for a reason, he knew exactly how to hurt this owner from doing any more business" according to Purcell. It's believed that there are two suspects, one a possible former employee, and the fact that a weapon was used makes the need to catch the suspects urgent.

No one was injured in the fire, and it remains under investigation. Bob Hallmark reporting.