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Prayer leads man to save girl, 8, from water

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An 8-year old child is in a Dallas hospital after nearly drowning on an East Texas lake.

The child was swimming yesterday near the RV park at Lake Hawkins, when she went under.

Fortunately, a man nearby rushed in to go after her.  

Witnesses say it was a combination of CPR and prayer that saved Valeria Rameriz from six-feet of water.

Glen Borgert says it was desperate cries, followed by prayer that led him from his RV to the shoreline.

"Before I went in I prayed, 'Lord lead me to that little girl.' And He did. I went right to her. I went straight to her. She was probably in about six feet of water," Borgert recalled.

As Borgert pulled 8-year-old Rameriz from the water, he says she was unresponsive.

"I was happy I found her, but it was hard to lay her down. She was just totally lifeless," he said.

He says a crowd of her relatives were watching as he began to administer CPR.

Just an ear shot away, he could hear the little girl's mother praying.

Borgert says it was a shoreline of people all waiting for a heartbeat, and an answered prayer.

Ramirez was taken to Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

Borgert says they used mouth-to mouth CPR and compression to revive Ramirez.

The Red Cross recently began recommending compression only CPR---using the beat of the Bee Gee's song 'Stayin' Alive.' Watch the video towards the bottom of this page.

Ramirez is listed in critical condition at Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

Find a CPR class near you.

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