Gift of Love: Max

It was an adventuresome afternoon as Max and I got a private guided tour at the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge. The director of operations, Terri Werner, shared her knowledge and love of these big cats. Max liked the lions and tigers.

He also likes to, "play basketball, play video games and watch TV, " Max said.

Max also like to go to church and play outside practicing his acrobatics.

"Jumping on the trampoline, back flips, front flips and cartwheels," Max said.

Max is a good kid who likes to keep his room clean and does well in school. This 11 year old wants to be a basketball player when he grows up which is why his favorite subject in school is P. E.! If it involves sports, max wants to be a part of it but he says that basketball is definitely his favorite. In fact, it's one of his top three wishes.

"Be the best basketball player in the world, to be rich and get a job," said Max.

As for his family, Max wants a family that loves the outdoors.

"I would like to have a family that loves to go hunting and has a lot of land and stuff and is really nice. I'd like to be an only child," Max said.

Despite spending a majority of his life in foster care, and enduring several disappointments, Max is resilient and eager to be adopted. Due to the letdowns, Max is very wary of trusting. Max needs a family that can stick with him through the long haul, be able to be flexible but structured. He will try to push the envelope just to see if the family is going to hang in there with him. It's going to take a family that is willing to commit to him 100%.

"It's kind of boring not having a family that you can spend the rest of your life with. Like switching from family is not very fun because when you get attached to them you really don't want to leave," Max said.

Everybody who is involved in his life smiles when they talk about Max and he's able to win anybody's heart. He's all boy with a boy size appetite!

"Pizza and ice cream and Hershey's bars," Max said.

This sweet 11 year old desperately hopes to find his Forever Family. A family that can show Max the Gift of Love.