Roommate stabbed for taking too long in the bathroom

Roommate stabbed for taking too long in the bathroom

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis man was taken to jail Monday night after getting into a fight with his roommate. But the reason why the men were fighting was what had neighbors talking.

According to court records, Aurelio Manuel-Chen became irate Monday night because his roommate, "was taking too much time in the bathroom."

When that roommate finally emerged from the bathroom, Manuel-Chen allegedly stabbed him with a screwdriver.

Manuel-Chen is charged with domestic violence aggravated assault.

Both Manuel-Chen and his roommate were unavailable for comment Tuesday, but neighbors said there had to be a better resolution.

"You are going to jail for something that's stupid," Evan Richmond said. "Over a bathroom? You could have just waited!"

Court records say Manuel-Chen muttered that he would have really hurt his roommate if he would've known the police were going to be called.

He is due in court Wednesday morning.

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