UPDATE: Longview's 911 system restored

UPDATE: Longview's 911 system restored

UPDATE: Longview's 911 system has been restored to full working order.

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - At approximately 9:50 a.m., Wednesday, July 13, there was an equipment problem with the Longview 9-1-1 center telephone system creating a disruption in normal operations. Public Safety Officials are working with repair to resolve the issue. It is unknown how long the disruption will last.

Public safety officials are confident that all emergency calls will be successfully received and dispatched, however there may be a minimal delay in the initial dispatch time. According to Police Chief Don Dingler, "This is certainly an inconvenience at the moment, but we believe that we will still be able to respond to calls and dispatch fire and police as quickly as possible."

In addition to the emergency 911 system, the Police Department and Fire Department also maintain several non-emergency phone numbers that were not affected by the event. In order to reach Public Safety Communications for a non-emergency, individuals should dial one of Public Safety Communications' 10-digit direct lines listed below until full service is restored: