MLB's Rising Stars

MLB's Rising Stars

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - There is no time to rest, not when your some of baseball's best.

White at home for the all star break, Whitehouse's Josh Tomlin and Carthage's Philip Humber worked out together at APEC in Tyler.

The same place they found each other, nearly four years ago.

"We just kind of bonded," said Humber, "And have been training partners ever since."

"He's probably one of the hardest workers I'ver been around," said Tomlin.

Even though they took much different paths to the big leagues, Humber a 1st round pick, now with his 5th team with the White Sox.

Tomlin, meanwhile, spent four years in the minors, before breaking in with Cleveland.

But the end resuts of each path, nearly the same.

Tomlin (10) and Humber (8) lead their teams in victories and are both in the top-25 in ERA.

"Drafted in the first round, I had a lot of expectations on me," said Humber, "I've been up and down that whole time, big leagues to minors, it has been really good to see our hard work pay off."

"You kind of think 'is it ever going to happen?' It's been a long road," said Tomlin, "I would not change it and am fortunate to be here now."

While the two work out back in their hometown, they could have been in Arizona, neither were voted into the All-Star game, but have had all-star caliber seasons.

"I mentioned to Josh on the way home the other night, I though one of us was going to make it at least, with his 10 wins and my ERA," said Humber.

"Just to be mentioned in that category, it is an honor to me," said Tomlin.

And despite the fact their teams are rivals, you'll find each other, rooting for their fellow East Texan.

"Everytime he pitches I follow him," said Tomlin.

Humber echoed the sentiment, "I look at the out of town scoreboard, keeping up with him, hoping he's throwing up zeroes. Being in the same division, we see each other quite a bit."

Which lays the possibility, one game, Indians and White Sox.

Tomlin vs Humber.

"I would not want either one of us to lose, hopefully that won't happen," laughed Humber, We should just blow by the Indians and never look back (laughter).

"It would be a cinderella story for both of us," said Tomlin, "Playing against each other in the playoffs or a chance to go to the playoffs, that would be great."

Great for them, even greater for East Texas.

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