Facebook at work stirs controversy

Facebook at work stirs controversy

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Facebook seems to be the topic of debate when it comes to networking while on the clock.

Tyler City Manager Mark McDaniel says the networking site can get in the way of employees completing their work. That's why workers at city hall are prevented from accessing Facebook on city-owned computers.

At Oncor, Facebook is no stranger.  But it seems to be a little more welcome here than at City Hall.  Area Manager Charles Hill says the networking site serves as a medium for the electric company to communicate with customers. But, there is a catch.

"The content is monitored and our employees know they have no expectation of privacy," said Hill.

He feels Facebook is a great tool for business. But, like anything, it can be abused.  Employees at Oncor are to refrain from using the network for personal use while they are working.

L2 Advertising actually encourages the use of Facebook in the work setting.

"It's a great way to build momentum when you have an ad campaign," said Lisa Veatch of L2 Advertising.

The Verdict: Facebook is great...when it is used-not abused.

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