Kids with cancer can be kids again

Kids with cancer can be kids again

By Jamey Boyum

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - Some young Texans battling cancer are finding an escape this week; a chance to push aside their illness and just be kids.

Camp Quality has come to Camp Tyler. The annual getaway is set up for children and their siblings and the campers look forward to it all year.

For a lot of these kids, this is the highlight of the summer. Some of them claim it's the highlight of the year. Each camper has a companion. A volunteer who spends the week making sure his or her camper has as much fun as humanly possible.

They fish and swim and play noodle soccer and human foosball and even go canoeing, or try to go canoeing.

And, they all like completely different things, like..

"Swimming," said Jaslynn.

"Swimming," said Tori.

"Swimming at night." That's going to be really fun," said Ryan.

Some even went swimming alongside a boat...after a canoe capsize, that is.

Since the lake level is low Camp Quality made their own swimming holes with above ground pools, and it was tough to get the kids out once they got in.

The camp has mom and dad in mind, too.

"We take the siblings of the cancer patients as well, when we have space, and so far we have, and, we give mom and dad a week alone, some time off. The kids get to come to summer camp; they get to be like a regular kid. No hospitals, they're around other kids that are just like them so they know that they are safe and comfortable. We have a great medical team that's here and they make sure everyone's taken care of, so that gives the parents peace of mind as well," said Camp Quality Director Anneliese Kulakofsky.

Some of these kids are fighting for their lives, and are forced to grow up a lot faster than most of us did. We never thought anything bad would happen to us. We had innocence in a string of endless summers, and during this week at least, these kids can experience that too.

Camp Quality is free to the campers and their brothers and sisters.