East Texas senior plans Aspergers event for little sister

East Texas senior plans Aspergers event for little sister

LINDALE (KLTV) - A young East Texas girl is working to make a difference in her community, in her family, and all those that have an Autistic disorder.  This Lindale senior is putting on a summer fundraising event in honor of her little sister, who suffers from Aspergers syndrome.

Aspergers disease is a form of Autism, characterized by difficulties in social interaction.
But with a smile and the personality of Addison Stone, interaction is not a problem.

"It's hard to say how Autism effects because it's such a huge umbrella, and she actually has Aspergers, which is one of the highest functioning part of Autism," says Addison's mother, Sher Stone.

Ally, Addison's older sister, feels a special connection to her sister and the disorder.

Ally says, "I think it kind of helped myself to, to become a more friendly person, and get out there and not make fun of people and be nice to everyone and not judge, and stuff like that."

Her passion inspired her drive, which is making a difference.

"I was just thinking of Addison and she's really not severe or anything and how there's so many kids out there that have a more severe case than Addy and I just wanted to help in a way, and just do something, anything that I can," says Ally.

Addison said, "My sister is raising some money for kids that have Aspergers syndrome like me, me, and all the kids that have Aspergers out there."

Ally is planning an event called Burgers for Aspergers. It will include a 5K run, a live band, bouncy houses, and of course, burgers!

"I am just so proud of her, and I'm excited because I know that if she's doing things like this at seventeen, I can't wait to see the things she'll be doing when she's a little bit older," says Sher.

The event will be on July 23rd - starting at 4:00, if you want to run in the 5K. The event will be at the Christ Central Church of Lindale, and the 5k will be at the Lindale High School track.

You can also register for the 5K run at Pinkie Pies Boutique in downtown Lindale,
it costs $10.

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