Thieves snatch debit cards from UTHSC employee

Thieves snatch debit cards from UTHSC employee

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Thieves got away with $6,000 after snatching credit cards and debit cards from a hospital employee.

It happened in an administrative building at UT Health Science Center in Tyler. UTHSC Police released the surveillance video of the three suspects spending that employee's money. Now, police need your help in tracking them down.

Surveillance video from Target and Wal-Mart captured their $6,000 spending spree. UTHSC Police say they targeted an administrative employee who left her purse on her desk.

"Had an unknown black male walk into an office, went into an unoccupied office at the time stole one of our employee's billfold, containing her credit card and bank card," said Lt. Troy Smith, UTHSC Police Officer.

Within two hours, they were caught on camera using the stolen cards to purchase thousands of dollars worth of gift cards. Smith says then, they cashed-in.

"Most of it was like electronic devices. I think one was an X-Box," said Smith.

Smith says it's the largest theft to ever happen to a UTHSC employee.

"We want the public's help so we want to get the identity of these subjects so we can try to prevent this from happening again," he said.

Police hope the surveillance video will urge everyone to lock up their valuables.

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