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Some Candy Scarier Than Others

Halloween is one of the best times for kids, but one of the worst times for their teeth. All of the candy our kids get on Halloween can be dangerous to their dental health if we don't watch out. We spoke with local dentist Rick Coker today to find out just what types of candies are better than others. Dr. Coker says it's not just the types of candy your kids eat that may be bad for them, it's when they eat them.

"The worst kind of candies you can have are sticky candies, caramels things like that and hard candies which can also break teeth which can also take a long time to dissolve," Coker said. "The issue here is how many times you're exposed to the sugar not how much sugar you eat."

Coker says be smart when handing out candy and deciding what candy to let your kids eat. He says if you follow a few simple guidelines, you can keep your kids safe and healthy.

Chris Gibson, reporting.

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