Deer Season Opens in East Texas

Since frontier days hunting has been part of the American experience... and East Texas hunters look forward to this weekend all year long... the opening of deer season. And for many like Jack Martin, it's a special time to remember our history.

"I think it's very important, i think it should be handed down from generation to generation, like it was to me, i really do think it's a part of our heritage a part of our life" says hunter Jack Martin. The Texas department of wildlife again estimates there are over 1-million white-tail deer in Texas, and hunting is a useful tool in controlling the population... something martin totally agrees with.

"If you don't harvest them they are going to die of starvation" Martin said. There was a rush at area stores to stock up on last minute items by hunters.

"Looks like people were coming in picking up last minute camo, picking up shells , guns sales have gone wild for us we're selling a lot of deer rifles a lot of shotguns" says hunting salesman Monte Mcgrede.

With over 900-thousand hunters in Texas, it's a big profit for hunting sales. Ultimately the attraction is a simple one, testing your skills as our forefathers once did. "When you see that big buck come in and try to get zeroed in on him... outdoor life in the woods theres nothing like it" says Martin. Through licensing and donations hunters fund the bulk of wildlife conservation efforts in Texas. Bob Hallmark reporting.