Dog Shot with Arrow Recovering

It's hard to tell Charlie was hit by an arrow just yesterday, until you look closer.

His owner, Cindy Carter, said, "Everybody in this neighborhood knows Charlie.

Carter says Charlie is a pretty lucky dog. He's been hit by a car twice. Now, he's recovering from a puncture wound.

"I was in the bedroom watching TV. I heard him yelp, and I heard him yelp again. My son and I come out, and he was up on the porch," said Carter.

Some family members took Charlie to the vet, who removed the arrow from the dog's hip.

Dr. Marcus Alexander of the North Tyler Veterinary Clinic, says he thinks the wound was intentional: "I could see somebody missing the target and hitting the dog. But the question is where was the dog, where were the people?"

Carter agrees and believes the person who shot the arrow was aiming to kill: "There's a neighbor out here that has targets set up for bows and guns. He's a deer hunter. I'm assuming he's got stands down there. They're set up straight towards my house."

We talked to the neighbor, and he says it wasn't his arrow.

"No, that's a Wal-Mart arrow. I buy my arrows through Apache Archery," said Larry Graham, another resident of the Holiday Hills subdivision.

Cindy just hopes whoever shot Charlie will come forward.

Charlie is doing well at home. Meanwhile, authorities are investigating the incident as an act of animal cruelty. Anyone with information about who injured the dog is urged to call Tyler police.

Julie Tam, reporting.