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10/31/03 - Tyler

Low Fat Pizza Put To The Test

Pizza lovers can now be health conscious. This week, Pizza Hut unveiled a new pizza that contains a fourth less fat than a normal slice. They claim it's the first of it's kind, called "Fit 'N Delicious" and Pizza Hut is banking on health conscious consumers jumping on board. Compared to a normal piece of pizza, "Fit 'N Delicious" is better for you. How do they do it? Less cheese and crust, more vegetables, and your only meat options are ham or chicken. So the question is, how good is it? Who better to decide that than college kids. We took some pizza to UT Tyler to see what they thought.

"It's really good. You say this is low fat, but it tastes exactly like regular pizza," said one student.

"I love it. It's really good," added another.

Several said they would buy it if it was cheaper.  And, no, it doesn't come in stuffed crust or meat lovers.

It's homecoming at Texas College, and there was no shortage of pizza connoisseurs ready to take the challenge.

"It tastes good. I would buy it. It's just like a regular pizza," said one student.

Another student added, "I'm not a pizza authority on it, but it tastes very good."

What can we conclude from our informal survey? True pizza lovers are going to stick to the real thing. But, those who are health conscious just might make the switch.  You can pick up a 14 inch version of the "Fit 'N Delicous" pizza for $14.99, or two for $24.89.

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