Family of shooting subject has their own accusations

Family of shooting subject has their own accusations

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- 17-year old Corey Webb will stand trial August 1st for allegedly bringing a gun into the Smith County Juvenile Attention Center.

Webb, who is from Kansas City, was picked up at the Tyler bus station and taken to the attention center back in July of last year.

Once he was at the attention center, authorities say Webb pulled a gun from his backpack and fired a shot, allegedly at an officer.
KLTV spoke with Webb's parents, who are making some accusations of their own.

"He was a kid that was always on the honor roll he's not a street kid he was always staying at home playing video games participating in sports like baseball and boxing," said Corey Webb Sr, Corey Webb's father.

Webb's father says his son's behavior in Tyler was the result of a death in the family.

He claims his son spiraled out of control, getting in trouble at home in Missouri. Eventually running away to Tyler, where officers were waiting.

Corey's mother is the one who called police after she realized her son was gone.

"There was an incident involving a shooting and my son and an officer at the facility," said Webb.

The Webb family says what juvenile attention officials claim and what surveillance video shows don't match.

"The pictures are jumping around, nothing is in sequence...this thing was jumping around and from my naked eye I knew someone had tampered with the evidence," said Gloria Webb, Corey Webb's grandmother.

District Attorney Matt Bingham says his office had a computer forensics expert look at the video.

Bingham says the expert said they didn't believe the video had been tampered with.

The family says they still hope they can take their son home when the trial is over

"I'm just praying and hoping for the best in his favor that they will give him a chance to grow up and be a man because they've taken a year of the young man's life already," said Joan Green, Corey Webb's aunt.

Smith County D.A. Matt Bingham told KLTV because of the circumstances of the offense and Webb's history, he was certified to stand trial as an adult.

He could now face between five years to life in prison.

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